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In the summer of 2013 Dan Wall took part in an world music conference in Slovenia where he had the opportunity to perform one of his first solo shows.  While there, he met and collaborated with many talented and inspiring musicians, some of which showed interest in performing with him. With musicians jumping on and off stage performing a mix of original tunes by Dan Wall and traditional American songs in the spirit of the streets and pub sessions, suddenly the seed for the future band Old Salt was planted. Of the musicians who collaborated with him in this time, three of these people; Johannes Wannyn and Lotte Remmen from Belgium and Anton Teljebäck from Sweden are still core members of ‘Old Salt.’  

Not too long after their adventures in Slovenia, they were able to rendezvous in February 2014 at a music festival in Umeå, Sweden where Dave Barfoot from Scotland Jumped on board as the Percussionist.  Shortly after they made a short dive down to Belgium where Dan met Lara Rosseel on the Upright Bass which sealed the Sextet that is today the band Old Salt.   Over the next two years, despite being from four different countries, the band was able to rendevouz a few times a year for short tours throughout the EU and grew rapidly into the European Folk Scene especially in Belgium where they played music festivals such as Dranouter Festival, Gentse Feeste and Copacabana. After their successful season of 2016 Old Salt is poised to jump head long into the next with their debut album, new tunes and a fresh tight sound. 


Band Description

Old Salt is a collective of musicians from the USA, Belgium, Sweden, and Scotland who pull their influences from down in New Orleans to the Appalachia Mountains up into the folk revival of the North Eastern States and jumping the pond to the many sounds from Old Europe.  They successfully mix session with stage and street to bring a folk sound with grit, dynamic, spontaneity and improvisation.  Their first album, ‘Up River Overseas,’ combines original songs by Dan Wall, as well as traditional tunes arranged by the band.  The album was recorded in the north of Sweden in a live band room to ensure that the recordings would maintain a genuine reflection of their live performance.


Damnstradt ghent.jpg



Dan Wall 

Banjo, Violin and Lead Vocals

Dan Wall found his passion for music back in 2008 when he stumbled upon a street band in New Orleans.  Riveted by the positive vibe, the social interaction, and a rootsy Americana sound, he quickly picked up the Banjo and found travel, street performance, songwriting and musical collaboration to be his new mission. 

He initially divided his time between working at home in Hudson, New York as a carpenter and traveling through Europe as a street musician.  He's now is based in the south of Germany and focuses his time on building a musical career.  

Lotte Remmen 

Violin and Vocals

Lotte Remmen was born in 1986 in Belgium. She started her musical career at the age of 8 years old and immediately chose the violin as her favorite instrument. From the age of 12 Lotte started to play with several youth orchestras (Euregio Jeugdorkest, Kempisch Jeugdorkest) and became section leader. At that age she also started to develop in other genres like folk and jazz music.

Lotte studied classical violin at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, but soon after this she decided to focus on improvisation in a jazz violin course and different kinds of world violin workshops with international teachers. In meanwhile she worked as a classical violin player in ‘Amos String Quartet’, ‘Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra’, ‘DeFilharmonie’ and ‘Banshee Duo’. Lotte played as a freelance musician in many folk, world music and cross over projects. Based in Gent, today she is the violin player of Old Salt and Strograss. In her musical career she has traveled all over the world as an artist.

Lara Rosseel

Contrabass and Vocals

Johannes Wannyn 

Guitar and Vocals

Anton Teljebäck

Five String Viola

Dave Barfoot