Dan Wall found his passion for music back in 2008 when he stumbled upon a street band in New Orleans.  Riveted by the positive vibe, the social interaction, and a rootsy Americana sound, he quickly picked up the Banjo and found travel, street performance, songwriting and collaboration to be his greatest of teachers, one which fuels his creative inspiration.  

In the last couple years, he's divided his time between working at home in Hudson, New York as a builder and traveling through Europe convening with numerous musical projects and bands, gigging in bars, festival and always playing out on the street to the benefit of his musical development and sanity.  Throughout this time he’s found a new kind of folk revival seeping through the cracks of old Europe with a fresh, young and gritty sound that has been luring him back overseas during the summer and winter months.  As of June, 2015 he's now living and working full time as a musician in Europe for an entire year.  

COMING SOON! The oldSalt album is being recorded in the first week of August, and released in the Fall within October.  See the "oldSalt Collective" in the projects tab, and Stay tuned on the homepage for updates!