Old Salt collective 



We are a collective of Musicians from across Europe and the USA and aim our style towards an Old timey and broader Americana sound, with original songs by Dan Wall and traditional songs arranged by the group. The project was started back in 2013 during an music conference/ festival in Slovenia and totals about 12 members but performs as a group of 6 to 8. In the spirit of cultural exchange, collaboration and a love of traditional music, as well as now being fast friends, we hope to bridge the session with the stage and bring great vibes, interaction and an overall good time to our audience.

Old Salt has only recently recorded it's first album the North of Sweden. A digital album is due to be released at the beginning of 2016 in January and a CD is due to come at the end of January as well.  We'll keep you posted here!


Photo: Steffen Renklint

Photo: Steffen Renklint


  • Dan Wall, USA - Lead vocals and banjo. 
  • Lotte Remmen, Belgium - Vocals, violin 
  • Johannes Wannyn, Belgium - Vocals, guitar 
  • Anton Teljebäck, Sweden - Violin 
  • Lara Rosseel, Belgium - Bass 
  • Dave Evans, England - Bass 
  • Erik Schoepen, Belgium - Mandolin
  • Dave Barfoot, Scotland - Percussion 
  • Jonathon Callens - Percussion 
  • Karin Ingebrand, Sweden - Cello 
  • Beni Egli, Switzerland - Banjo, guitar 

Four of the 12 members of Old Salt perform in the streets of Ghent. Dan Wall - banjo, Lotte Remmen - fiddle, Johannes Wannyn - Guitar. Filmed by Mathjis Gomperts.


THe Shaky Table Trio 

A busking, hootannying, sessioning trio performing and collaborating from within a spectrum of Americana sounds.  Each "leg" of the Shaky Table Trio bring their own unique tunes, traditions and musical sentiments to a strange yet alluring conglomeration of instruments and voices.  With Otis Lougheed on fiddle, parlor guitar, blues harp and vocals.  Eric Sherman on a dirty oldtimey Jazz trumpet, percussion, guitar and vocals.  And Dan Wall on 5 String Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Blues harp and vocals.   

The Shaky Table Trio are purveyors of the patented "Hootannanygram."  We'll (for creative or traditional compensation) show up at the door, garage, job site, garden, farm or mountain top of your choice to sing a few songs from our arsenal for the occasion of:  Birthdays, bar mitzvahs, breakups, courting, anniversaries, get well soon greetings... to name a few.

 A home recorded EP of 7 Songs is done and up online!  Check it out @:



Memory of an Elephant 

A brilliant group of Swiss musicians who have graciously taken me on as a guest fiddle player.  They just put out an album, and in Spring, 2015 one a contest which will showcases them at the renown Gurten Music Festival in Bern, Switzerland July 16th, 2015.  Many amazing shows are booked into 2016! find out more on their website and facebook page. 








St. Beaufort 

St. Beauford - Berlin 

St. Beauford - Berlin 

At trio based out of Berlin featuring an Americana sound through an international cultural spread from USA, Canada and Germany. Dan features with them as a guest during his time in Berlin. They just produced their first album this past Winter, 2015. Look for us this June, and later into the Fall!  




Nothing Concrete 

Nothing Concrete is a vagabond band of seven international folk musicians with a wealth of experience, inspiration and most of all humor.  Whilst the seven members work in numerous projects individually, it's when they come together that the real magic occurs. 


After first coming together in Slovenia in summer 2012, they immediately secured a place playing at Ethno Histeria folk festival where they received a fantastic reaction from the international audience, following which they embarked on a hastily arranged tour of Slovenia and Croatia.

In the winter of 2012 the band recorded an EP at Pear Studios in Manchester, UK featuring five new arrangements of the songs of Dan Wall and Fergus McKay, who share lead vocals. The Group continues to convene across Europe in various constellations, and has since toured through France, UK, Slovenia and Austria. 




Round Flat Records (Nothing Concrete)


Round Flat Records was founded to help promote and distribute exciting blends of world and folk music.  We have a small recording studio in the south of France and promote gigs and events throughout Europe for our various acts.

We are run as a collective with the collaboration of the musicians on the label and anyone who feels that what we do is worthwhile.  Our eclectic acts include the international band "Nothing Concrete", an erstwhile group of musicians with an ever changing lineup based around the songs of Fergus McKay (UK) and Dan Wall (USA), as well as a one man band, a traditional Italian music duo and a quartet of musicians who play music on recycled items to accompany ancient silent movies.


Old Salt 

- The Album -

"Old Salt" is the title of this upcoming album, as well as a title for a greater collective of artists committed to creating work that strives to inspire and initiate transformation on both a personal and ideally an interpersonal level as well.

Old Salt, the album, was born from my studies at Goddard College in Psychology and Music, class of 2013.  My bachelors thesis included an originally written album of  eleven songs.  The songwriting process is viewed through lens of Western Alchemy, and Depth Psychology as described by Psychologist Carl G. Jung.  It has been a journey of personal transformation and collaboration between artists at home here in Hudson NY, and overseas throughout Europe.    



For years long exposure, or "night photography" has been a passion of mine. Although Music has left this art-form a bit in the dust, I still get out and make photos under the cover of darkness to satisfy an occasionally active imagination, one that only the night can bring.  


Stop-Motion animation has been a slowly developing passion of mine for a few years now.  I find it an intensive art form that drags you down into the microcosms of detail persistence and patience while at the same time holding a broader concept of the project as a whole.  In turn, the creation of a stop-motion film stretches my capacities to maintain both a microcosmic and macrocosmic hold on a project.  

"Geomation," was a collaborative project between myself and artist Simeon Amstutz.  Both of us drawing and directing the process.  We ended up with over 5,000 sequenced still shots and about 5 minutes of material.  It follows an imaginary narrative inspired by the work of an anonymous  16th century "alchemist" who wrote "The Book of Lambspring."  It describes the initial phase of recognizing forces greater then ourselves (the unconscious), and willingly engaging with the unknown.  



There's more of you out there then you realize, but yes, there are still people who want to learn this god-forsaken instrument.  And if you're willing, I can show you a few things if it's based in an "open minded" clawhammer tradition.  As much as I love 'em, you're going to have to lose the bluegrass finger picks with me.